The 2018



Journalists can enter work in any medium of choice, be it online, print or broadcast.

Entries are accepted in any of the South African official language.

Preference will be given to entries that that are of a high quality. The judging panel is independent and dedicated to promoting high-quality reporting.

Health journalists can enter work in the following categories:

Best health news reporting

This award goes to the best breaking news. In this category solid reporting, clinical and scientific accuracy, exclusivity of angle, and the ability to present a fair and balanced report under tight deadlines will make your entry stand out.

Best general health feature

This award is for the best example of general health feature writing. Pieces in this category cover topics in health and healthcare that are ongoing or break-through developments in conditions and treatments, medicines, and healthy-lifestyle and wellness trends, such as food and nutrition, exercise and fitness. The key criteria of assessment are excellent writing that shows a flair for interpreting complex health facts and issues, and writing that is engaging and educational while it entices readers to stay informed. The material will also demonstrate insight into the subject and accuracy of the facts being shared with the audience.

Best investigative reporting

A remarkable piece of investigative reporting on a health or healthcare issue, presented as a single report or a series by an individual or team. This award will be assessed for solid and responsible reporting, the quality of research, exclusivity, clinical and scientific accuracy and its implications on healthcare and broader society.

Best analysis and commentary

In this category the best commentary or editorial on a health or healthcare issue will stand out. The key criteria are clarity and originality of style, sound reasoning, depth of analysis and understanding, and the power to influence public opinion.

Best radio health journalism

Submit all excellent examples of a news or feature reports on a health or healthcare issues presented on radio. Judges will be looking for originality and clarity in how the story is presented, how well the subject is understood and communicated, and clinical and scientific accuracy.

Best television health journalism

Submit your outstanding example of news or feature reporting on a health or healthcare issue in the medium of television. The winning production will be original and demonstrate skilful integration of sound and visuals. Judges will also look for clarity and depth of understanding and clinical and scientific accuracy.

Best health economics journalism

This award goes to the best reporting on significant issues in the healthcare industry. Submissions will be assessed for clarity and accessibility, depth of research, originality of angle, clinical and scientific accuracy as well as expert understanding of the issues affecting health economics in South Africa.

Young upcoming health journalist of the year

This award aims to recognise excellence in health reporting by a young journalist. The aim is to encourage growth and commitment within this crucial field of journalism, and to promote quality health journalism within the country’s diverse range of media. Submissions are open to journalists who are younger than 30 years of age as at 1 January 2018. Entries must be accompanied by a copy of the journalist’s ID.

Discovery Foundation Nation-builder Award

The Discovery Foundation Nation-builder Award aims to acknowledge the positive coverage of work done by healthcare professionals or organisations in the public healthcare sector. There is significant work being done in the public sector across the country. It is an important task of the media to unearth and publicise the many inspiring stories of hard work, dedication, perseverance and compassion by healthcare professionals in our most needy communities. By profiling their work, journalists acknowledge and validate these role models. The Discovery Foundation Nation-builder Award honours exceptional health journalism that highlights uplifting stories in the public healthcare system.



Outstanding use of social media

Social media allows journalists to communicate serious causes to a captive audience. This award celebrates the most effective use of social media to report as a collective, and in real time.

Best photo journalism

Images can portray and spread news unlike any other communication format. This award recognises the most creative use of images to tell a news story focused on the health industry.

Best video journalism

Video is the primary content format consumed by modern audiences. This award goes to journalists who demonstrate the most precise and alternative execution of video material to cast a light on the healthcare industry.

Mental Health Journalism Fellowship Award

A new category this year, the Mental Health Journalism Fellowship Award, will go to an outstanding news piece that helps educate diverse sectors of the public – through different media channels – about the issues surrounding and associated with mental health.

Discovery Health Journalist of the Year

Each year, Discovery Health bestows the prestigious Discovery Health Journalism Award on a well-deserving health journalist in each of the abovementioned ten categories. One of these well deserving journalists will walk away with the main prize, known as the Discovery Health Journalist of the Year Award. This award is for distinguished reporting on health and healthcare issues that sets the benchmark for other health journalists in the field of health reporting. The Discovery Health Journalist of the Year Award is awarded to a health journalist whose work shows a demonstration and understanding of the highest journalism principles in increasing public understanding on topics that have a bearing on the country’s healthcare system and on their lives.

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